Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Welcome! New Blog!

I decided to create separate blogs for each of my endeavors in case folks want to follow *just* that!
Hope you follow along! 

These are "Wize Wimmin Fae"

I don't usually share the inspiration for paintings as I want the viewer to touch them in whatever way it does....but with this painting:

Shhh! Didja hear? There's an old fairytale rumor going around that faeries are "forever young" Pish Tosh! Daisy, Pearl and Fauna here prove otherwise! They are just some of the wisest of the fae realm! Who do you think teaches all the young fae their BEST magic? Just because you don't see older fae out flittin' around with the young ones....don't think they aren't having as good, or better a time, .....and playing the best of tricks! -- (And yes...Old Faeries feel PERFECTLY comfortable in their old skins, bare-ass nekkid!) -- The inspiration for Wize Wimmin Fae came when I awoke from a dream one morning with old faeries on my mind. I have no idea where that came from, but I began thinking about the assumptions in books, etc. that all faeries are forever young, and I couldn't quite believe that myself, thinking such a tale must surely be incorrect. Who teaches the young faeries? In "my world" old faeries like Daisy, Pearl and Fauna here are proof that old fae, the wisest fae are indeed alive and well, spreading their infinite knowledge and creating their own special brand of magic! 

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